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Pro Drilling is devised of a group of executives and field personnel with extensive experience in the drilling business,  acquired through years practicing  in various world class projects in Chile, Peru, Argentina and other Latin American countries.

Our drillers, supervisors, drivers, mechanics, helpers, electricians, and administrative staff are regularly trained in safety and technology. Through courses, lectures and inductions issued by the company, suppliers, customers and specialists we provide a service unparalleled in excellence.

Pro drilling has a strict process of hiring and training new talent, always giving priority to the training and development of staff within the company.

Account Executives: Within the group of professionals in our company, some of them also fulfill the role of "account executives" or monitors, who are assigned individual tasks or projects and have the responsibility to support, monitor, teach, train, guide and address the needs and concerns of the workers in order to meet the safety and operational objectives, legal and labor regulations that relate to their projects.

Training: In Pro Drilling we regularly train our staff, whether in the field, in our facilities and / or training centers, for which many times have the support of our key partners and suppliers. Some of these are the Mutual de Seguridad, in regard to laws and policies related to safety prevention, risk control and occupational health, MI SWACO, Matex and AMC in terms of drilling muds and additives, Schramm Inc. in terms of reverse circulation drill rigs, Exploration drill Masters (EDM) and Boart Longyear in terms of diamond drill rigs, Kaufmann in trucks and support vehicles, ADT in diamond drill bits and Boart Logyear in tools and drill rods.

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