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Pro Drilling is the leading company in development, management and implementation of drilling projects for medium and large mining in Chile, Peru and Latin America.

Our goal is to create value for our shareholders, clients, employees, communities and stakeholders, delivering a sustainable and quality service with the highest safety standards, incorporating the best available and proven technology and empowering our people so they can achieve the highest possible standards. Our goals are framed with respect for community, the environment on which we operate and the people who work with us. We are customer oriented and our flexibility, pro-activity and experience enable us to deliver quick answers and solutions to our clients.

The executives, field and operational staff form a group of people in which the individual knowledge and experience adds up to deliver an exceptional  and comprehensive service. We work as a team, respecting differences and base our forward thinking on trust and transparency.

Our executives and employees have over 25 years experience successfully running drilling projects for mining in Chile and Latin America, including various projects and world class clients. This experience and integration as a team has enabled us to manage contracts of more than US$ 120 million.

We favor long-term relationships with our clients, our people and our suppliers. We believe this enables us to create value, train and offer the best career opportunities for all our team members. Additionally, we create value for our suppliers by integrating them into our growth, Pro Drilling proactively encourages the testing of new technologies and  strives to continually improve safety, increase productivity and deliver an unparalleled quality of service.


'At Pro Drilling we do what we say we will do'
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